All Home Stagers and Interior Designers are perfectionists at heart and this is the asset
that they all have to bring them success in this industry.

For the professional all aspects of a home must be in order and to perfection. First impression
is just a matter of life. Working in a field where one must perfect homes on a daily basis,
can be either an asset or a curse to one's personal living. You might think that while we design
and create the perfect interiors and exteriors of our clients homes that we, most likely, are more
relaxed in our own personal environments. Not so for many of us! Most of us view our own
surroundings as an extension of our professionalism. The drive for perfection for our clients
comes home with us every day. Not that we are out to impress our family and friends but it is
very difficult for the professional designer to leave her work outside of her own doors. We declutter, re-arrange, re-decorate and re-design our homes quite often. We fall in love with our finished products
in the field and therefore must have the same order and beauty to come home to ourselves.

So one may wonder how does a Professional Home Stager live privately.
We live in our own "Staged Homes"and learn to make it work perfectly for our family members,
our friends and all who enter into our own private world. It is a wonder that we earn "praise" from our loved ones when they are forced, as well, to live in our world of perfectionism. While it is not fair to them at times they do appreciate us making a comfortable and inviting home life for each of them.
Of course, we do allow for relaxation and messes but are quick to get our rooms in order before retiring for the night!

There are so many rewards in the field of Interior Design/ Home Staging.
The art of creativity, the satisfaction of doing what you truly love doing, the reward of our clients gratitude of our completed homes.
Being our own boss and the ability of making time for ourselves and our family at will. Being in control of
our earnings and the growth of our business. The joy of creating beauty all around our own lives.


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